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Class of 58   Westside

Here are John's early class pictures
Here's your trivia quiz: Can anyone put names to these bright and shiny faces?
I'll be happy to post the names and any other pictures you may have. -- JD

Snapshots from the 08 reunion added 10/19/08

Old Westside School about 1947 -- 2nd gradel

First Grade

Back row -- Mrs Pearson, Bob Essex, Carol Weygant, __, __, __, __, Mary McMurchie, Bob Helinga?, Tom Nees, __

2nd row -- __, Kaye Anderson, Lois Bogle, __, __, __, __, __, __, Janet Jacobs?, __

Front row -- Bill Hicks (standing), Tom Craven, __, Joseph McMurren, __, __, John Logan, __, Kerry Daniel?, Jim Logan, Harold Stillwell, Lee Holloway, __ (standing)

Who is the kid standing on the right???

Kaye says she thinks the teacher is Mrs. Pearson. If that's true then this must not be a 1st grade class, but a 2nd. I'm confused.

(Thanks Bob Wilson)

(not in any particular order) May Gleim, teacher, Don Bivens, Jack Halbert, Lois Bogle, Kerry Daniel, John Logan, Jim Logan, Harold Stilwell, Lee Holloway... Any more names? Email me if you can help

New Westside School about 1952 -- 6th grade with Leo Palumbo

Sixth Grade Right row... Joe McMurren, Mary McMurchie, Sandra Gilbert, Jennifer Prater, Don Bivens, Francis Weimer, Jim Logan
Next row [Colene or Jolene] McGlothen, Sonja Anderson, Oretta Montague, Norma Heitz, Marley Roher, Carol Weygant, Roger Bogle
3rd row Carol Sakahara, ___, ___, ___, Kerry Daniel, Vera Daugherty, [Lee Holloway? or Bud Wells? ]
Left row Sharon Rupp, Betty Herriman, ___, Myrna Obray, Carol Levers, ___, ___, ____.
Standing [Jolene or Colene] McGlothen, John Logan, Leo Palumbo

Help... Anybody??? I don't know if I have all this sorted out yet, but I attempted to follow Bob and Kerry's guesses.

Ok, this is from Kerry and Bob from somewhere out yonder on 12/3/08:

He did find a couple more in the sixth grade picture..  He said the one I had mentioned in the middle of the group, with hands up to the face is him,,, He thought the dark haired girl behind him is Vera Daughtery, the boy behind her he thought was Bud Wells  Then in the second row behind the McGlothen girl is Sonja Anderson and behind her would be Oretta Montague.  In the row closest to the blackboard the first girl is Sheron Rupp. In the first row behind Junior and Mary would be Sandra Gilbert.  Those are the thoughts we put together, think we are really close with them.

From Bob Wilson: 6th grade photo...
Okay let's try this... Right row ... Joe, Mary McMurchie, unkown, next you have Carol, I think it's  Jennifer Prater,  I think Carol is in the last row in front of John's right arm....
2nd row....there were the McGlothen twins, one was Colene and the other Joene...
I think one is the first in the 2nd row and the other standing by the wall next to John..
.On with the 2nd row, after the McGlothen girl, unkown, unkown, Norma Heitz, Marlea, Carol Weygandt, and then Roger.
Is that Kerry Daniel sort of in the middle of the picture with his hands up to his face ?
Last row...  1st unkown, 2nd  might be Betty Harriman, unkown, 4th Myrna O'bray in front of the McGlothen girl, then Carol Levers,  can't figure out the rest in the row.

Tom and Jim
The Ladies
Dinner group




After Pictures
Bud - Jim - Tom - Pat
Zora & John


The Ladies
Before Dinner
The Ladies are ready for their photographs
Before Dinner- Bob is looking for some more pictures