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WELCOME to nocowranch.net!

This website just like the real No-Cow Ranch, is permanently under construction, so drop by now and then and see what's new.

Please excuse mis-spellin's and layout goofs. I'm still a learnin'.


Parade Ready 2008


Garlic by the truck load
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We got your tomatoes right here
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Ok, both of these links go to the same place. I'll fix that later.



Making pumpkin pies.

First step -- Find the right tool to open the pumpkin. After cutting a few open with various knives, I tried the little drywall saw shown here.

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My friend Guy said they got another 2 feet of snow at his place.

I'm winding down after a whirlwind week, escaping from the clutches of the medical community, traveling to San Antonio as a guest of the APA Engineered Wood Association, receiving the Bronson J. Lewis lifetime achievement award for contributions to the engineered wood industry, (and treated like royalty with limousine service and the whole bit!). Visiting the Alamo in San Antonio, the river walk and flying home to a busy week.